LGBT Caucus Listserv Information

To join the listserv (Method I)

Address a new message to one of the Caucus Co-Chairs ( or
Type subscribe lgbtcaucus firstname lastname in the body of the message, ‘firstname lastname’ is your name. Subscriptions without first and last names will not be approved due to our confirmation requirements
Send the e-mail
You will receive a confirmation message or a denial message
Lists such as ours require the owner(s) to add you before confirmation will be sent. Additional communication with the applicant may be required before approval is given.

Messaging the List

To send an e-mail to the ENTIRE membership (once you are a member), address an e-mail to:

General Listserv Information (the QuickStart section is rather useful for joining or leaving a list)
Listserv Membership Notice
LGBT Caucus listserv access may be terminated by the listserv owner(s) at their discretion. Reasons for termination of access include misuse, providing fraudlent information, or engaging in inappropriate behavior as defined by the Virginia Tech Acceptable Use Guidelines and/or the decision of the membership.